Sharyn’s 2nd CD Release “No eXcuses” 1.19.19

Join us at 7pm for our VIP hour featuring Fred Ludovici as our Solo Artist extraordinaire Tickets are $20 and that includes Hors d’oeuvres, a cash Bar, and music for the entire evening. For more details see the VIP ticket description below.

You may choose to skip the VIP hour, come at 8pm.

Plan B will take the stage at 8pm with many of your favorite songs from the 70’s and 80’s

Sharyn Vinci and the Blues Crew will begin entertaining you at 9pm performing original song lyrics and arrangements, you will be very glad you came when you hear the amazing musicians that Sharyn has put together for this event.

Get your tickets now!  Tickets Are Below

Make sure you mention the CD Release when you call to book a room for the night because they are only asking $119.19 if you book now through January 1st 2019. They’re only holding a block of rooms so when they’re all booked up that’ll be it!

So book em while you can get that rate!!  : )


Tickets will be sold via Credit Card or Pay Pal on this website, Mail order or will-call or by calling or visiting Salon da Vinci (304-387-3797)


Fall Riverfest New Cumberland WV Sept 29th/30th

Sharyn Vinci and Company will be performing at the Fall River Fest in New Cumberland WV on September 30th, 2018 at 2 pm.  Some may not know, but Sharyn and her ELGT friend Amy, direct a youth choir that will also be performing at this festival. They will afford Sharyn and company a much needed break after their first set and perform 5 or 6 songs, 2 of which Sharyn wrote.  One of them being the theme song for the ELGT Youth Choir. Cool right?   : )

East Liverpool’s Got Talent 8/18/18

Sharyn Vinci and Company will performing at approximately 8:30 pm on Saturday August 18th, 2018.  Showcasing songs from Sharyn’s 2nd CD release scheduled for Saturday 1.19.19 at the Mountaineer race track and resort in Chester WV


And in case you didn’t know… Sharyn and her friend Amy (from ELGT), direct a youth choir that will also be performing on Saturday August 18 around 4pm ish

:  )