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Sharyn comes from a long line of music. While her father in his adult years was in a barbershop quartet, he once shared the stage with Dion Warwick (Senior high school play) Her Grandfather (her mother’s father) is the late, great “Lazy Bill Huggins”…a national recording artist in the 20’s 30’s and 40’s.  Also to her “family” credit,  is her cousin Stephen O’Remus, who is credited for his musical direction, orchestration and arrangements of many Broadway shows.

Sharyn Playing GuitarSharyn is a composer, writing her own music and lyrics, and derives most of her inspiration from life events.  She has written several songs for a future album of Christian origin.  Sharyn is a member of First Free Methodist Church on Saint Clair Avenue in East Liverpool, Ohio, where she sings on the worship team.

Sharyn Leaning Against Tree“I’ve been singing since before I could speak sentences” says Sharyn,  “this according to my parents, and I’ve been writing my own songs since I was 12. The first song I ever wrote is called ‘Friends’ which I performed for my classmates at school on the steps of Wells Jr high in Newell, WV.”

Sharyn co-wrote a song “American Veteran” with friend Kent Cox, for the  Lincoln Park preforming Arts Center in Midland PA, which was released in May 2015. You can find it at  Sharyn also wrote a musical score for a play for the “Hero’s Project”, entitled  “Agent Orange”  for Lincoln Park performing arts center. It was recorded and produced by Rick Witkowski and it debuted in April 2016 at Lincoln Park.

You can look her up on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.